Yu Tung takes you to know the charging technology of spray gun
2020 - 03 - 26

Since the advent of powder spraying technology, it has been widely used in many fields of surface treatment. Powder is different from the traditional liquid coating. For the processing environment and processed products, the processing equipment and process are more environmentally friendly, which meets the requirements and needs of green and sustainable development of manufacturing industry.In short, the powder needs to be adsorbed on the workpiece by charging, thus forming an effective coating to protect and decorate the workpiece. As a necessary tool for electrostatic spraying, powde…

Yu Tung case study : Be a coating solution provider for the brand of Goodbaby stroller
2020 - 03 - 23

With the rapid development of China's electrostatic powder spraying market, products are also constantly iterative and updated. The promotion of environmental friendly green surface coating technology and equipment has gradually become the main tone of the industry. In this process, we should closely follow the actual process of China's industrialization, as well as the development of environmental protection technology and various needs of end customers, pay close attention to the change of market demand, and constantly innovate in the field of electrostatic powder spraying, so…

Application of Yu Tung robot automatic electrostatic powder spraying equipment in kitchen appliance industry
2020 - 01 - 17

We have designed 6 robot automatic electrostatic powder coating system for a famous domestic kitchen appliance brand enterprise.In order to meet the strict and efficient production requirements of customers, the design of electrostatic powder coating system must meet the following requirements: automatic spraying can be realized within the speed of 6m / min production line, the pass rate of workpiece after coating is higher than 95%, and the coating must be uniform and smooth.It's a difficult challenge. Through our professional pre-sales consultants and product design technology team…

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