Application of Yu Tung robot automatic electrostatic powder spraying equipment in kitchen appliance industry
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We have designed 6 robot automatic electrostatic powder coating system for a famous domestic kitchen appliance brand enterprise.

In order to meet the strict and efficient production requirements of customers, the design of electrostatic powder coating system must meet the following requirements: automatic spraying can be realized within the speed of 6m / min production line, the pass rate of workpiece after coating is higher than 95%, and the coating must be uniform and smooth.

It's a difficult challenge. Through our professional pre-sales consultants and product design technology team, after many technical exchanges with customers, we customized the coating solutions for customers, and obtained the recognition and praise of customers.

We provide our customers with our own brand Ramseier Koatings (RKT) coating equipment configuration, RKT spray gun and robot, 2 axes reciprocator and MPC (patent design) closed closed loop powder center, a total of 6 sets of automatic powder coating system.


If you use the right weapon, you will get twice the result with half the effort. Quick color change CQB plastic powder room, The cleaning time is less than 20-30 minutes (depending on the color of the powder, the number of workers and their proficiency), and the powder recovery efficiency is more than 95%. It has high-efficiency cyclone and filtration system, which can realize more effective and good cleaning capacity. Among them, 123 series quantum electrostatic charging technology and the latest S600 series TCC (Total Charge Control) (patent design) are used for automatic and manual powder respectively Spray gun system, high powder efficiency rate, easy to clean, can reduce color change time, equipped with a full range of manipulator for spraying complex workpiece, mechanical programming, intelligent management, can replace manual operation, reduce labor costs and improve product quality.


In addition, 2 axes reciprocator is used to spray the outer surface of the workpiece, which can ensure the uniform coating and increase the powder efficiency rate; while the MPC (patent design)

closed loop powder center has the function of automatic cleaning, fast color change and reducing color change time; closed-circuit powder supply is adopted to reduce dust pollution and ensure the quality of powder coating; the powder loss during color change is reduced and save the production cost as a result.

The system integrates the advantages of the above-mentioned equipment. After the installation and commissioning of the assembly line, the powder efficiency rate of the spray gun is high, and the powder consumables are low, so that the qualified rate of the products is increased to more than 95%. The spraying effect of the spraying equipment assembly line meets the expected requirements of the customers, and the customers are very satisfied with the powder conveying and recycling effect of the equipment.

Starting from the customer, escorting with technology; So that customers can rest assured. We not only have advanced coating equipment, but also provide customers with perfect coating solutions, constantly improve customer experience, and let customers feel our professional and intimate service. In the future, we will continue to provide advance coating equipment solutions for customers to secure high competitiveness.

Professional technology and sincere service are Yu Tung promise!

TCC(Total charge control)®

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