Yu Tung case study : Be a coating solution provider for the brand of Goodbaby stroller
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With the rapid development of China's electrostatic powder spraying market, products are also constantly iterative and updated. The promotion of environmental friendly green surface coating technology and equipment has gradually become the main tone of the industry. In this process, we should closely follow the actual process of China's industrialization, as well as the development of environmental protection technology and various needs of end customers, pay close attention to the change of market demand, and constantly innovate in the field of electrostatic powder spraying, so as to obtain the rapid development of enterprises.

Powder spraying equipment belongs to environmental protection equipment, the advantages of the equipment are that the powder can be recycled and reused, and the tail gas emission of the equipment is low. Reasonable use can better protect the ecological environment. In terms of after-sales service, our Yu Tung customer service personnel will visit customers regularly to guide them to use and maintain the equipment correctly, so that customers can develop good use habits and make the equipment play a great role.

Among them, our strengths are to provide customers with customized and overall technical solutions. Our company is the powder spraying equipment supplier of Goodbaby baby baby carriage brand. In 2017, Goodbaby painting transformation team took all kinds of complicated workpieces in baby carriage to Yudong painting demonstration center to study various spraying parameters and how to overcome spraying difficulties. As they affected the overall production capacity for various reasons at that time, our technicians had a detailed technical exchange with the transformation team to analyze the problems and requirements A series of key problems are solved, and the appropriate solutions are customized. After the plan was set, our company began to test the certification repeatedly. With the rich experience in coating design and application, the new spraying equipment can achieve 5-6m/min automatic spraying, reducing unnecessary hand filling amount, and meeting the strict coating requirements in the advanced, practical, safety and environmental protection design.

Advanced equipment and professional technical support can help all kinds of customers to effectively cope with the challenges of market technology changes, making the coating construction more safe, convenient and efficient. Our equipment is widely used in leisure furniture, aluminum profiles, lamps, kitchen appliances, auto parts and other fields.

Among them, these fields have high requirements for coating product quality, fast production line speed, high productivity efficiency and low cost, etc. Yudong spraying equipment can meet the above requirements.

In the future, Yudong will, as always, provide customers with more intelligent coating solutions, help customers improve spraying efficiency, reduce production costs, and gain more competitive advantages in the wave of industrial transformation and upgrading. That's what we value.

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