Opening Yu Tung intelligent new era: smart 600 spray gun system
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At present, with the rapid development of social economy, science and technology are constantly improving. In order to meet people's higher and higher requirements for products, the traditional manufacturing industry has undergone fundamental changes, and the coating equipment technology is developing towards the direction of intelligence. Intelligent coating equipment not only improves the production efficiency of enterprises, ensures the production quality of products, but also helps enterprises, industries and industries to jointly improve quality and efficiency. The transformation and upgrading from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing has ignited the "strong engine" of high-quality development of enterprises, making the development of enterprises run out of "acceleration".

However, most of the manufacturing enterprises do not know about the new spraying technology, and the traditional air spraying process (manual spraying method) is still used, and the production process will not be adjusted and changed according to the coating, substrate and process. Unreasonable selection of equipment will increase the production cost of enterprises and cause waste of resources. Yudong machinery has been committed to the R & D and innovation of intelligent automatic coating technology, providing paint coating automation solutions for manufacturing enterprises, so that manual painting and production efficiency are no longer a problem, and truly realize environmental protection, efficient and intelligent coating production.



(smart 600 electrostatic powder spray gun system)

As the technology pioneer of intelligent coating solution, Yudong has been researching and developing in the intelligent field, and has mastered the advanced technology of electrostatic powder spray gun and spray room recycling system. Among them, smart 600 (S600) series electrostatic powder spray gun and control system is based on digital electronics and the third generation TCC electrostatic charging technology. It is an intelligent combination of "flexible spraying" and "TCC total energy" technology. Its performance is particularly outstanding and has been unanimously recognized by customers.


S600 spray gun system adopts the innovative aerodynamic powder flow channel design, which increases the charging efficiency of powder particles in the spray gun, and ensures the full play of the characteristics of "flexible spraying soft spray". The third generation TCC artificial intelligent electrostatic charging and control technology can be seamlessly combined with digital modules and intelligently paired, so that S600 can achieve superior powder charging and conveying effect and effectively improve Powder utilization, reduce operating costs, help improve product quality.


(fully automatic intelligent robot powder spraying equipment)

Intelligent coating, leading the future! With the gradual increase of the proportion of coating automation in recent two years, as well as the development of production, energy and environmental protection data acquisition technology, the topic of coating intelligent manufacturing is gradually pushed to the wind. Yudong machinery, with its rich coating application experience, will continue to promote intelligent solutions with innovative technology, continuously meet customer needs and improve the market core competitiveness of customer products. 

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