Adhere to the research and development of a unique MPC closed cycle powder supply center to improve the efficiency of powder color change
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After 40 years of reform and opening up, China has made great progress in R & D and innovation, striving to achieve a historic leap from "manufacturing power" to "creating power". However, there is still a big gap in technological innovation between manufacturing enterprises and European and American countries. "Technology pass" is a fast channel to open up the high-quality development of manufacturing industry. No matter how many difficulties there are, we can overcome them by putting down our hearts; no matter how great the pressure is, we can only resolve them by facing them bravely.

Our Yudong machinery has been researching powder conveying technology for more than 30 years. Taking innovation as the key point, we have completed the innovation of coating technology again and again in order to break through the traditional technology, and have obtained three invention patents. With solid R & D strength and a large number of project application data, a unique mpc-4 closed-circuit powder supply center is designed, which can improve the production capacity of coating production line and create greater value for customers with high-quality equipment.



Features of mpc-4 closed-circuit circulating pulverized coal supply center:

1. Simple and friendly touch operation;

2. Closed circuit circulation design, dust-free operation to ensure higher powder utilization rate;

3. Stable and accurate control of new powder, mixing and transportation of recovered powder;

4. Fully enclosed and effective screen area;

5. Effective and rapid cleaning;

6. The powder barrel has no dead corner, which is convenient to check the cleaning effect after color change;

7. Spray gun and powder pump can be divided into groups to achieve better cleaning effect;

8. Powder recovery operation or small batch non recovery operation mode can be selected for mass production;

9. The color change time of MPC is about 5 min.

Mpc-4 closed cycle powder supply center can upgrade the fast color changing ability of the existing powder spraying system alone, or integrate with a complete set of powder spraying system (including spray room, powder recovery system, spray gun and lifter, etc.), and its unique advantage is high-quality fast color change effect. It is understood that the general equipment color change takes 10-15 minutes, but Yudong based on more than 20 years of successful experience in designing a fast color change system, the unique mpc-4 closed-circuit circulating powder supply center has a 5-minute fast color change technology, which greatly improves the color change efficiency while saving powder and ensuring the powder loading rate, so as to provide customers with more cost-effective electrostatic powder spraying equipment.

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